17 Feb 2010


Since every blogger worth his/her web space has done a post on exams/board exams/final semesters I thought I’d might as well jump on the bloody BEST bus (I have never seen a bandwagon myself; however, I have ridden a BEST bus, that felt like my waistband after an all-you-can-eat, countless times)

Ya, so I’ve noticed I’d do anything to not study

item 1: call people: I’m anti-social once home, I hate phone calls. plus I’m half-gujju, so this one’s BIG!

item 2: calling people I wouldn’t call even if my life depended on it: sad, but true

item 3: meeting people I wouldn’t usually be caught dead with: if you think this is you, it probably is it’s not. It’s that other moron I can’t stand.

item 4: housework *the horror*

item 5: go shopping: ha ha almost got you there! No child, shopping comes AFTER bunny torture and crash dieting.

item 6: writing worthless blog posts that no one’s ever going to read. probably not even me.

p.s.- Procrastination is known to have led to castration. Be Warned! 



notgogol said...

Bloghopped here. You have a pretty entertaining blog. Also, you make a very strong case for Baileys. There are cows committing suicide as I type this :P

Breakfree Journeys said...

I read! I read!

WhiteMoonWatching said...

thank u notgogol, you're very kind :)

thanks rushi, oh n i read too :)))