20 Dec 2009

Why Baileys is better than Milk

File:Baileys ad.jpg

Since you can’t get straighter than I have with the title let’s just move on. Full steam ahead !(hope you didn’t have a heavy breakfast)

1) It’s sweet. Adding sugar/chocolate/caramel to milk doesn’t have quite the same effect.

2) After a dinner of chicken in fancy sauces, 3 kinds of wine and Peking duck you’d be glad to round it off with a nice little bout of Bailey’s. Milk, not so much.

3) If taken in adequate quantities can take you to a happy place. Milk will only make you thank god for coffee beans.

4) Makes for some damn good coffee. There’s just so much you can say for milk.

5)Karen* puts it in her cereal. ‘nuff said!

*ref- Will & Grace’s very own friendly neighbourhood “high”-flying  socialite

p.s.- I do realise the above is painfully obvious, but I harbour a deep love for Baileys. And Milk Karen.

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