29 Nov 2009

You say tomato, I say to-mah-to

While looking for pictorial representations of my feelings in regard to previous posts I came across some really sexist ketchup ads. Not really sexist, but then if you want to be a bra-burning feminist, i say let’s get this party started! (i’ll participate if you let me burn the cheap stuff, you’re not touching my nice knickers!)

oh anyway, here it goes

by the size of those pupils and that look on her face I’m assuming her pills don’t come packed in ketchup bottles *likes her lip and nail color, must remember for friday night skank*

oh and here’s another,

It just makes my heart happy that women still want to cook for men. Or this ad is from the 50’s. Either way I like Heinz (so thick!) and I could really use a good sandwich right about now.

I like the lil birdie in this picture. So ‘early Archies’ Betty and Veronica’ ^_^


Breakfree Journeys said...

Hey! Vibrant-one word. I think some of the buttons are not working(Abous us?) Just test it out. And rest it's all fine, looks nice, I like the notepad background. Just two minor design suggestions: 1. The RSS feed is hidden, try to make it prominent and the list of labels run quite long so you can try to make put all of it in a box. Anyway till then, keep posting!

WhiteMoonWatching said...

hey rushi,
ok those buttons don't work...there is absolutely no way to edit them so let it just be our lil joke..frustration building??? all the better! :P

i picked this one specifically coz the RSS button's green ^_^
plus i have a 'follow'option

oh and you caught me in the middle of my editing spree, labels have all been edited, cut cleaned and ready to serve...just like sushi...
and remember, the japanese are lovable...yes they are...

Breakfree Journeys said...

Ah nice! And Japs make nice cars plus they don't have a panga with us so all cool. Domo Arigoto Gozaimaste! Happy Posting till then!