2 May 2009

Flashback Part II- Sexy, Sexy, Sexy mujhe log bole

For reasons best known to the God of all things driven(Automatix, is it?) I happen to miss this gorgeous piece of metal so effin' much! The affair, although brief, is one i shall never forget. This baby has seen some good times. New beginnings, nostalgic ends...
This Flashback is not one that goes too far back, just a couple of months actually, but it feels like I've lived lifetimes since I first met Sexy. Now she may have belonged to the spectral figure leaning on her in the picture but I know she loved me more(yes she did!). She was traded in sometime ago for "Sexier"(only a man could do this).
This post is dedicated to my love for Sexy and her irreplaceable status in my life. 
I miss my Sexy. *sigh*

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