29 Apr 2009

Lady Gag-me!! *puke*

ok now the title may not be the most imaginative of it's kind, and i may not usually write about celebrity shennanigans but i have decided to make an exception for the atrocity called Lady Gag-me GaGa
wait, no wait, i don't care if she can sing...i don't care if she can sing the frikkin opera...the woman is an eyesore and an attention-seeking plinket who looks up to Madonna blow up dolls and mime artistes...
Weird is not always a bad descriptor but not always a good one either...

Get a real job and a real wardrobe Lady Gangrene!!!

*has now given more attention to erstwhile stripper than required*
*pops the bubbles on the freak*

p.s.- I tried not jumping on the wife-beating bandwagon, but something in those thigh-high boots tapped a hidden rage in me...call it PMS, i think it's good taste ^_^


Nikita Malhotra said...

If you get a chance to check out the June issue of cosmo.
Look-at-me-gaga has ranted there. I swear she sounds like a blonde(literally) version of Rakhi Sawant. *hurlfest*
That lady makes my skin crawl!

Sandip said...

I think she has kitsch appeal - just goes to show the kind of stuff that today's youth is attracted to. In that sense, she is a symbol of the tawdriness and buffoonery that is appreciated by her substantial fan-base. But at some level, I think she is someone who stands out from the crowd due to her appearance/histrionics. In today's times, where values like individualism and creativity manifest themselves in the form of non-conformist displays of bad taste, her popularity and appeal continues to rise.