12 Aug 2007


trembling....i realise how wrong we can be. we dislike, loathe, even hate without a second thought. i was told to keep faith that it was for the greater good. but reason overtook and clouded my immovable belief. they said they were good, they said they knew! it was pure solid proof, it happened before my eyes, i saw that last look of fear, of betrayal in those twinkling blue eyes, how could i be wrong? the rock i'd leaned on was gone, but did that mean i should have shed all that that very rock had taught me. mere childish rivalry had beguiled me and i was prey to prejudice. there were smoldering kinders of trust but i tried my best to extinguish them. now, m glad i never succeeded. i should have known, he loved her didn't he? but i feel the repercussions....its over, irrevocable....and i weep...

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amrit said...

Hey, nice piece... It hurts, doesn't it? But if only we knew how things were exactly, we wouldn't do most of the things we do and that would make life far more easy yet, devoid of pain. And it's pain that makes us appreciate love and kindness. So, pain is not all that bad. It sure hurts, but is a necessary evil so to say. ;-)

- Indisch